Hori Michiko
JP name 堀 道子
Dub name Hellen "Earth" Hearth
Gender Ficon
Position DFicon
Number 3
Element Wood Icon
Team Osaka Girls
Seiyuu Saki Shimizu
Game Inazuma Eleven 2
Anime Episode 040
Manga Unknown

Hori Michiko (堀 道子) is a defender of the Osaka Girls CCC.


Inazuma Eleven 2Edit

  • "She's rather laid back and has been known to fall asleep in mid-sentence."



Michiko in TCG.

She has wavy brownish-pink hair which are tied into two pigtails, a fair complexion and dark gray eyes. She also has a pale skin tone. She wears the Osaka Gals CCC uniform.


Season 2Edit

Hori Michiko made her debut in Episode 040 as a member of the Osaka Gals. She is one of the four members who introduced their team. Her team played against Raimon, proving to be very skilled on the field. During the match she fell on the ground in order to worry Domon and steal him the ball. Later, after Kogure Yuuya uses his Senpuujin, she steals the ball from him. She then passes the ball to Rika and Reika, who made a goal using their Butterfly Dream. During the second time she and her teammates became shocked by Fubuki Atsuya's Eternal Blizzard's power, even wondered what kind of shoot that was. She later dribbled pass Megane and passed the ball to Rika, even breaking through Kabeyama's The Wall. Eventually, her team ended losing with 4-1. She was watching a live match on the TV during the match of Raimon against Dark Emperors with Rika's mum and the rest of the team, cheering by the first team.