Kisaragi Mako
JP name 如月 まこ
Dub name Maddie Moonlight

Millie Moonlight (English dub)

Gender Ficon
Position FWicon (Forward)
Number 11
Element Wood
Team Inazuma KFC (captain)

Joshi Senbatsu Team

Seiyuu Kouzuki Miwa
Game Inazuma Eleven (game)
Anime Episode 1

Episode 46 (GO)

Manga Unknown

Kisaragi Mako (如月 まこ) is a forward and the captain of Inazuma KFC. In GO, she's the manager of Inazuma KFC GO.


Inazuma ElevenEdit

"This team leading girl is the daughter of a restaurant owner"


Kisaragi has short, pale dusty rose hair tied into pigtails. She has brown eyes, and pale rosy cheeks. She also wears the standard Inazuma KFC uniform.

Mako in Inazuma KFC


She seems to be cheerful, friendly, and speedy. Also, she seems to care a lot about her team.


Season 1Edit

She is first seen playing with Endou Mamoru and her team during the first episode. When Hazama Ryuusuke shoots the ball and just barely hits a group of teenagers with the soccer ball, they got very angry at him and Endou and even fired the ball at Mako. Gouenji Shuuya noticed this event and quickly kicked the ball back at one of the teenagers, who, after a few moments, went away. Kisaragi immediately thanked him for saving her. She also appears when buying from a candy store when the Mukata brothers come, don't respect the line, and they encounter Gouenji.

Season 2Edit

She made a cameo appearance during the match between the Dark Emperors and Raimon, cheering for the Raimon team.

Season 3Edit

It is shown in episode 126 that after Endou returned from Liocott Island to Tokyo, Japan. She is seen practicing with him again as they used to do in the beginning.

Plot (GO)Edit

She appeared in Episode 046 in GO as the manager of Inazuma KFC.


  • Her hobbies are swimming and ballet.
  • She calls Endou, Endou -Chan
  • She appears in Inazuma Eleven anime. But her parents, Kisaragi Sari and Kisaragi Ryu, only appear in the games.
  • According to her, the Inazuma KFC team plays together a lot better thanks to Endou.
  • She can't be Recruited in the original Japanese version of the first Inazuma Eleven game, but she can be Recruited in the EU versions.
  • In the Inazuma Eleven GO, she is the manager of Inazuma KFC.
  • She is the only female football player in Season 1 of the Anime.

    Mako in the TCG