Midou Reika
Midou reika
JP name 御堂 玲華
Dub name Lilly Willow
Gender Ficon
Position FWicon
Number 11
Element Wood Icon
Team Osaka Girls
Seiyuu Sudo Maasa
Game Inazuma Eleven 2
Anime Episode 040
Manga Unknown

Midou Reika (御堂 玲華) is a forward for the Osaka Girls (CCC).


Inazuma Eleven 2Edit

  • "Her family run one of Osaka's biggest companies, but she's not at all snotty."


She has long sienna hair tied in dreadlocks, a light skin tone and brown eyes. She's the ace striker of Osaka Gals CCC. She wears the CCC uniform; the uniform consists of a purple collared white T-shirt with pink and purple plaid sleeves, shorts that have the same pattern as their sleeves over short tights that are colored white, and dark purple socks with two white stripes around the top. Her cleats are white with a light purple pattern.
Reika Osaka Gals

Midou Reika.


She seems to be a very good friend of Rika.


Season 2Edit

She played with her team against Raimon, but Osaka Girls lost. During the match, she was seen flirting with Kazemaru Ichirouta and uses the move Prima Donna on him, causing him to blush profusely. She scored once using Butterfly Dream with Rika during the match. At the end of the match, Osaka lost with 4-1.