Zaizen Touko
Touko Zaizen
JP name 財前 塔子
Dub name Victoria "Tori" Vanguard
Gender Ficon
Position FWicon (Forward)

MFicon (Midfieder)

DFicon (Defender)

Number 8
105 (Inazuma Japan and Red Team)
Element Wind Icon
Team SP Fixers

Inazuma Japan
Red Team

Seiyuu Ayahi Takagaki Ayahi
Game Inazuma Eleven 2

Inazuma Eleven GO

Anime Episode 028
Manga None

Zaizen Touko (財前 塔子) is the daughter of the Prime Minister of Japan, Zaizen Sousuke. She's also the captain and forward of the SP Fixers and later becomes a midfielder of Raimon temporarily during season 2.


Inazuma Eleven 2Edit

  • "Under her guidance, any problem can be solved in no time at all."



Touko in the Inazuma Eleven 2 trailer

She has pink hair and blue eyes. In season 2, she is always seen wearing the Raimon eleven uniform. In season 3, she is wearing the SP fixers uniform but in Episode 107 onwards, she is wearing the Inazuma Japan uniform. She always wear a blue hat with a white stripe on the centre.

Her casual clothes are a black tuxedo or a yellow orange colored dress with an orange ribbon and orange straps.

Touko in Inazuma Japan

In GO, she wears a white shirt with a blue carigan over it, she also wears a white skirt with blue shoes. She doesn't wear her hat in GO.


Touko is a cheerful, supportive girl who likes playing soccer. She has a tomboyish personality and seems to be close with Endou although she often jokes around about it and states that their relationship is just platonic.


Season 2Edit


She first appeared during the opening ceremony of the statue. When Gemini Storm launched an attack to the ceremony, she later changed her outfit to that of her team to protect her father from them, but they still captured him. Later, Touko and her bodyguards accused Endou and his teammates for being aliens because of the black soccer ball they had in possession, and she challenged them to a soccer game and Raimon won. After the match, she said that she knew from the beginning that they were Raimon, the champions of the Football Frontier. Endou asked for a rematch against Reize, but he refuses because Raimon needed eleven players, which they didn't have at that point. Touko shows her Raimon uniform, making her the eleventh player. Raimon still loses with a score of 32-0. Later, Raimon defeated Gemini Storm with the help of Fubuki.

She made friends with Rika and together they were able to use combination hissatsu called Butterfly Dream. Later during the final match with Aliea Academy's top ranking team, Genesis, she created a new hissatsu technique with Tsunami and Kogure called the Perfect Tower and another hissatsu with the rest of the team called The Earth. After Raimon defeated the Dark Emperors, she kissed Endou on the cheek which made him blush. She eventually went back to her hometown.

Season 3Edit


Touko in Inazuma Japan

During the FFI, Rika decided to stay at Touko's place, as Raimon is far away
Touko InazumaJapan TCG

Touko Inazuma Japan (TCG)

from her hometown and it would be troublesome for her to go back and forth between matches. During her staying, Touko hardly ever got enough sleep because Rika always kept joking around at her and wouldn't let her sleep until she laughed.

She and Rika usually watched Inazuma Japan during their training and cheered them on through the preliminary matches and during the match against Korea's national team, Fire Dragon. Touko and Rika made an appearance in Episode 107, where they tried to surprise the team of their arrival. They said that she and Rika were the Goddesses of Victory and were encouraging Inazuma Japan.

In the next episode, she played with the team in a practice match with Unicorn's Mark and Dylan, The Empire 's Therese and Knights of Queen's Edgar,

Touko in New Raimon.

until Sein and Deasta attacked and kidnapped Rika and Haruna, respectively. Everyone split into two groups, with the coach and remaining managers staying beind. Touko was in Endou's group to rescue Rika. She evolved The Tower to V2 and saved two deathly goals for them. In the end, they won thanks to Fideo and Edgar.

After that, she is seen with Rika staying with the team in the lodge, and cheering on Inazuma Japan in their match with The Kingdom and Little Gigant. She is later seen in Episode 126, playing in a match between the original Raimon members and the new Raimon members; her playing in the team of the new Raimon members, consisting of all of the characters that have joined up along the way up to the end of Season.


  • Touko is the first female player who joined Raimon.
  • Despite the affections she showed toward Endou, she stated that she and Endou's relationship is rather platonic.
  • She was the first character to use hissatsu techniques out of games or training sessions; she used The Tower at some boys who were looking at her and Aki, who did not give any information about the "Flame Striker", but instead were troubling and laughing at them.
  • In Episode 47, Rika hints about Touko liking Tsunami, but Touko is somehow oblivious to what Rika was talking about.
  • She is the only female who had played in three different positions.